Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We all watch films, or movies, be they feature films or documentaries or shorts. Why do films attract and engage us so much more than any other medium? That's because the addition of movement to sound creates this audio visual medium, with scope of creativity exhibition at a lot more scale than is possible in still photography.

It is this wonderful and powerful combination of motion and sound which can work wonders, and has proved a great medium for raising mass awareness on issues of international concern such as environment and wildlife conservation, preservation of the cultures and traditions of native peoples of the world, social causes, etc. Besides, films can be dramatic subjective experiences which transport the viewer to a completely different world, or more commonly to view the same world around them from a fresh, completely new perspective.

So, here we came up with SUKHNIDHEY FILMS, which aims at producing content rich, high quality documentary films to subjectively involve our viewers in each of our films, rather than being mere objective observers, in each and every film we work on. Our travel shows for example, would take you on a ride with us, and see a place with your very eyes, as you see it; not as we saw it.

So, here I give you, dear readers, my new website:

Where you would find our film galleries, featuring our award winning documentaries that were very well appreciated and received in several film festivals such as the CMS Vatavaran Environment & Wildlife film festival, CineYouth national film festival, etc, where one of our films won a national award.

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