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(The complete movie: Tal Chapar: The Indian Savannah. Please remember to comment on how you find this documentary film)

The Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Rajasthan, India, and is one of the last refuges of the most graceful antelope in the world: the Black buck. Once critically endangered, so much so that it was on the verge of its very extinction, this beautiful animal, native to the Indian subcontinent, was brought back from the jaws of extinction thanks to the tireless efforts of the Bishnois of Rajasthan. The Black buck today is a living testimony to a conservation success story. A few of us might have heard of this magnificent animal, but witnessing its spleandour in the Indian Savanna- the grasslands of the Tal Chapar, is a divine experience.

We had been working on this documentary since the past many months, and finally, have come up with an epic saga of the Indian grasslands. You would be delighted with jaw dropping action sequences of blackbucks jumping several feet high up in the air, leaping across the fresh green grass. We would slow down the action and show you the details, as you've never seen them before. After all, the black buck is one of the fastest land animals!
Then, peep into a herd of these antelopes and learn about their social organisation and behavior. Witness the glory of the enchanting spiral horns of the male blackbucks, which have a major role to play during courtship display, also shown in the movie. Again, you must appreciate the amazing territorial behaviour of the males, and as the documentary shows, how they have fixed sites for defecation! With the sun just about to set, join the little bucks in their evening party.

And watch out as a beautiful female buck up close as she comes right near the camera to literally lick the viewers! Don't miss the migratory birds of these grasslands- particularly the Harriers- the raptor birds. Look at the mesmerizing colors of the Indian Roller, Black Drongo and the Little Bee eater. Witness the rare sight of three different bird species in a single frame proximity. And finally, prepare to enter the dark, hidden underground world as we enter the deep mysterious burrow of a desert fox.

Tal Chappar: The Indian Savannah is an epic film you'll remember for a long time. The climax would carry you away right into these heavenly grasslands, and awaken you, dear reader, a lot more. So be a part of this adventure and join the beautiful black bucks as they narrate their unsung story--of the Indian Savanna- of the Tal Chhapar.

Though I highly recommend watching the whole movie in continuity since none of the shots is worth missing, if you are short of time or only wish to look at the specific information, you may follow he following time keys [please note that the clicking on the keys would take you to my YouTube Channel in a new window. To go the movie portion specified, look at the corresponding time key (e.g.: 0:00 for Introduction) and move the circular play pointer on video above to that location in time]-

0:00 - Introduction

1:05 - How to reach the Tal Chhappar sanctuary

1:37 -Geographical location and the Thar desert, xerophytic vegetation and the Camel

2:11 - Entry into the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, overview of the vast grass lands of large herds of blackbucks and their social structure

3:24 -Beautiful spiral horns of the male black bucks and their body structure and behavior

4:10 -Different species of grasses in the sanctuary and the special sweet Mothiya grass and its seeds which the bucks and birds eat

4:45-The Migratory birds, especially the Harriers. The action packed flight of the Eurasian Marsh Harrier would leave you mesmerized

5:19- The territorial behavior of the male black bucks and maintenance of dung pile sites

6:01 -The well camouflaged bucks; the grass used to protect them from their now extinct natural predator, the Asiatic Cheetah.

6:21- The playful little blackbucks showing their jumping skills. Do not miss the action packed sequence!

7:02- Beautiful female black buck named Meneka approaches us for lovely close up shots, almost licking the camera! The camera angle (at 7:22) makes you feel as though she literally licks the viewer! Also seen is the keen sense of smell of the bucks.

7:32- Sexual behavior, courtship displays of males and mating instincts

7:54- The blackbuck territories and territory selection, topographic factors of such selection

8:23- Male practicing fighting by swaying horns. This is how the deadly furious fighting battles take place.

8:45- Majestic walk of a young male with curl in its tail.

9:02- Fasten your seat belts! The main action and the drama begin now. A rarely seen complete action sequence of the high leap of a buck in the air. It is critically analyzed again in slow motion for better insight. These jumps make the black bucks one of the fastest land animals.

9:52- Witness the grandeur of the golden fur of the bucks when it glazes in sunshine. An extremely beautiful sight.

10:08-The grasshoppers. The little almost overlooked insects of the grasslands which play a very vital role in the ecosystem.

10:55-Another heavenly sight. Watch the Indian Roller, Black Drongo and the Little Bee Eater, and a rare scene when they sit in a close proximity in a single frame (at 11:26)

11:42- The weed Prosopis Juliflora, which had once taken hold of the grasslands, disturbing the ecosystem.

12:01- The Blue bull (Nilgai), the biggest Asian antelope.

12:26- Now, enter a desert fox's burrow, a complex network of deep underground caves. Know about the secretive, dark, unknown world. Let the music and the shots take hold of you, but not for very long!

13:04- Let the grasslands reveal their rich colors to you in the soft morning light.

13:14- The climax- beautiful not to be missed overlapping shots (begin at 13:24) of the angelic blackbucks, testimonials to their conservation story, and the role of the Bishnoi tribe and local communities in conservation. You will be left wondering and a lot more awakened by this though provoking climax.

14:04- Credits and thanks

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Have a great time watching!
Devaang Jain


  1. Very incredible movie....a must watch for a wildlife lover..the blackbucks are so beautiful. Great jumps and leaps!

  2. Great cinematography!


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