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Well, still photography definitely has its infinite magic. But when two elements, namely motion, and sound, are added to this, the whole mixture undergoes an even more magical transformation into what is called the "video", or the medium of the "film". Videography still employs the same composition rules, etc as does still photography, but the amount of creative expression increases manifold.
In still photography, you select a moment and freeze it so for eternity; in cinematography you select some moments and preserve them as they are, with many enhancements, for eternity. You have the power to take your viewers and place them at the camera position whenever you wish.

As the director of photography and cinematographer at Sukhnidhey Films, I have worked with my team to film rarely seen tiger behavior, exotic courtship display dances on Indian Peafowls, the haunting landscapes of the Himalayas, and the vibrant culture of Incredible India. So, dear readers, on this page you'll find some of my award winning short documentaries, which, mind you, are not ordinary just another film- type shorts. They are extremely enchanting and thought provoking, taking you on a journey along with them and experience the subjects as they were, rather than merely being objective, passive viewers. So don't complain of travel tiredness when you watch them-- instead spread the word around about your recent trip to the unexplored Himalayas or deep forests of Sariska--go ahead and enjoy!
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The Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan lost all its tigers to rampant poaching. The world's first tiger relocation project was undertaken here with help from WWF, and tigers were reintroduced into the reserve. The movie films the behavior of relocated tigers for the very first time, and captures extremely intimate shots of the tigers bathing and resting in water puddles, spray-marking their territories,etc. The beautiful Indian Peafowls, found here in large populations are captured along with their breathtaking courtship displays. The movie emphaises the importance of species conservation, and gives an insight into the ecosystem changes in the forest when apex predators such as tigers are wiped out.
All in all, Sariska: A Reserve Reborn is the story of a Reserve which is reborn when her King returns. Enjoy the enchanting ride into the depths of the wilderness of Sariska, in crystal clear HD (720p) quality.
The film was well appreciated and received in the CMS Vatavaran Environment & Wildlife Film Festival in India, which saw national and international participation.


This is the epic musical saga of the forgotton Indian grasslands of Tal Chhapar in Rajasthan, home to the critically endangered black bucks, which were once on the very verge of extinction, but thanks to efforts of the Bishnois, are now slowly escaping this miserable fate. The film captures dramatic action packed shots of the black bucks jumping high into the air, being one of the fastest land animals, films their territorial behavior, their social organisation, etc. The movie also depicts the flora and fauna of the grasslands in general, taking the viewer on an unforgettable journey to the lost grasslands of Tal Chappar--the Indian Savanna.
(The movie was critically acclaimed in the CineYouth (Indian) Film festival, and was screened in the ceremony, being one of the national winners.)

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