(On a filming trip to the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan--one of the most haunted places in the world according to many sources)


I am Rituraj Devaang Jain and I live in the Pink City of India--Jaipur, the capital of the Incredible India state--Rajasthan. I am a professional photographer, cinematographer, and founder  filmmaker  at Sukhnidhey Films.

My works have been awarded by esteemed organizations such as the National Geographic and the honorable Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.

I have been making films and TV shows which have been telecast on several TV channels including India's National Broadcaster, Doordarshan, in prime time. My works have also won National awards at prestigious film festivals.

 I did my B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan. To know more about me, and view my works, please visit:

Since childhood, I have always loved to learn more about nature, her ways, her functioning, her splendour and so on. Photography is my first love apart from wildlife--and you'll find all of my wildlife photography on this blog.

I'd love to hear from you--in case you'd like to offer a suggestion, or would like to offer some constructive criticism on my works.
NOTE: The photographs on this blog are the low resolution versions of the originals. To get the original high resolution photographs, please contact me via e-mail/phone.

Phone: +91-9649694505


  1. fentabulas work

  2. Hi,. good work. One suggestion: i do not think green is a good backdrop colour for your photos. try something more neutral

  3. Dear visitor
    Thank you friend!
    Yes, you were right; the deep green hue of the background was virtually casting a greenish glow to the pictures. So now, on your wise suggestion, I have corrected the template and made the tone more neutral. Thank you very much for your suggestions....they really mean a lot to me..
    Keep Visiting!

  4. Dear Devaang..
    I am very much happy to see your photographs are published in Ministry of Environment and Forest's website;which is glorious. I also want to see my photographs published in MOEF's website.But I don't know the procedure. I want your suggestions. Can you write some suggestions to me?

    Sabyasachi Rath

  5. @Sabyasachi: Thank you for your appreciation!
    Actually, the Ministry had called for the entries through a nationwide that time I had sent my work and the hon'ble Ministry selected it.....
    Best of luck in your ventures and do keep visiting the blog!


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