Friday, November 22, 2013


Species: Junonia almana, Photographer: Rituraj Devaang

Just when I passed by a big glass wall today morning, I saw a beautiful little butterfly incessantly fluttering and hitting itself over and over again on the glass trying to escape. I was deeply pained.

picked it up ever so gently and perched it atop a green plant outside. The little one resisted, probably considering me a predator, revealed its eye spots trying to scare me away, and tried every possible way of fluttering to obstruct my efforts.

But what can prevent a human from achieving her/his aim? More so when the aim is so noble.

Ultimately I succeeded and the butterfly, once on the plant, perched peacefully. I then shot a nice little close up of the butterfly with my phone in the wonderful warm sunny light- admired equally by the basking butterfly, ALIVE and RESCUED. 

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