Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's time to rejoice!

Yes, It's time to rejoice!

Just a few hours ago, Forest officials and authorities have officially confirmed the presence of atleast two newly born cubs in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. This is a great step forward in this direction of tiger conservation, and will go a long way in boosting more such relocation efforts. The reserve lost all its tigers to rampant poaching, and then tigers were relocated into the forest from Ranthambore.
Sukhnidhey Films produced, "Sariska: A Reserve Reborn", the short documentary film filmed nearly an year ago, which described the ecosystem changes in the Sariska reserve when the predator population collapsed, and how the forest began reviving when tigers were reintroduced. It was well appreciated and received in the Cms Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival, and showed how the relocated tigers were adapting themselves to the reserve.

Specifically, the movie filmed the behavior of relocated tigers for the very first time on camera, showing an adult male tiger scent marking his territory, patrolling the same and exhibiting true territorial behavior, as an adult male usually does. 

Today, our film's research into and depiction of the success of relocation has been proved-- SARISKA HAS NEW CUBS!
To watch the dramatic action packed short movie, visit:

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