Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Dear visitors, recently wrote a new insightful and thought provoking article,
 "THE PRICE OF OUR INDEPENDENCE", which takes us on a journey 200 years back. A must read for all!


15 August, 2012    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Today is the day, 65 years in the past which changed the very way Indians thought about their society. For nearly 200 years, we could not breathe free. We were under foreign rule for those two centuries, and India slowly and painfully lost every single bit of its iconic description, "Sone Ki Chidiya" (The Golden Bird), a title conferred to our motherland for Her unparalled prosperity and wealth. Not material wealth per se, though India undoubtedly was the wealthiest nation in the world at that time, yet wealth encompassing all forms, spiritual, scientific, artistic, societal, and what not. We were a living example of our rich living history. READ MORE

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's time to rejoice!

Yes, It's time to rejoice!

Just a few hours ago, Forest officials and authorities have officially confirmed the presence of atleast two newly born cubs in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. This is a great step forward in this direction of tiger conservation, and will go a long way in boosting more such relocation efforts. The reserve lost all its tigers to rampant poaching, and then tigers were relocated into the forest from Ranthambore.
Sukhnidhey Films produced, "Sariska: A Reserve Reborn", the short documentary film filmed nearly an year ago, which described the ecosystem changes in the Sariska reserve when the predator population collapsed, and how the forest began reviving when tigers were reintroduced. It was well appreciated and received in the Cms Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival, and showed how the relocated tigers were adapting themselves to the reserve.

Specifically, the movie filmed the behavior of relocated tigers for the very first time on camera, showing an adult male tiger scent marking his territory, patrolling the same and exhibiting true territorial behavior, as an adult male usually does. 

Today, our film's research into and depiction of the success of relocation has been proved-- SARISKA HAS NEW CUBS!
To watch the dramatic action packed short movie, visit:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We all watch films, or movies, be they feature films or documentaries or shorts. Why do films attract and engage us so much more than any other medium? That's because the addition of movement to sound creates this audio visual medium, with scope of creativity exhibition at a lot more scale than is possible in still photography.

It is this wonderful and powerful combination of motion and sound which can work wonders, and has proved a great medium for raising mass awareness on issues of international concern such as environment and wildlife conservation, preservation of the cultures and traditions of native peoples of the world, social causes, etc. Besides, films can be dramatic subjective experiences which transport the viewer to a completely different world, or more commonly to view the same world around them from a fresh, completely new perspective.

So, here we came up with SUKHNIDHEY FILMS, which aims at producing content rich, high quality documentary films to subjectively involve our viewers in each of our films, rather than being mere objective observers, in each and every film we work on. Our travel shows for example, would take you on a ride with us, and see a place with your very eyes, as you see it; not as we saw it.

So, here I give you, dear readers, my new website:

Where you would find our film galleries, featuring our award winning documentaries that were very well appreciated and received in several film festivals such as the CMS Vatavaran Environment & Wildlife film festival, CineYouth national film festival, etc, where one of our films won a national award.