A B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jaipur, India, by qualification, I am a professional filmmaker, a photographer, an explorer, TV presenter, and a researcher. I have been honored to have my works appreciated and awarded by such esteemed organizations as the National Geographic, the honorable Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, the Wildlife Trust of India, etc.


1. A travel series, "Bharat Darshan: Exploring the Unexplored" exploring Incredible India's most unknown and unexplored places, photographed and directed by us at SUKHNIDHEY FILMS is currently telecast on the DoorDarshan TV channel,India's National broadcaster, also one of the world's largest TV networks in prime time. The show enjoys the highest TRP ratings in its category and is extremely popular with the viewers. To watch, tune into "Doordarshan Rajasthan" channel, every Saturday, at 5:25 pm. 

2. I have been honored to have my work appreciated by the honorable MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT & FORESTS, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, and  my wildlife  photographs feature on their official homepage in the prestigious "Wildlife of India slide show" and the "Indian Landscapes slideshow" .
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3. Jury's choice finalist of the National Geographic Moment Awards-2010, the biggest of its kind organised in India by Nat Geo. It saw a submission of 1.07 lac (one hundred seven thousand) entries from all over India from which  87 wildlife photographs were shortlisted (in the wildlife category) by the eminent judges, including the eminent film-maker Mr. Mike Pandey.

Three of my entries, named 'The Delicate Dragonfly' (Species: Dragonfly), 'I Saw You-- Touch Me Not!' (Species: Moth) and 'The Successful Survivor' (Species: Garden lizard) all photographed in the beautiful Satpura Biosphere Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India were shortlisted by the jury in the 'Wildlife' category.

Organism: Moth
Description: This is a moth (not a butterfly; note its furry body, found typically in moths) with beautiful eye spot like patterns on its wings, to scare away predators, who are lead into thinking that the eyes belong to a bigger organism. The moth  was perfectly camouflaged in the mud and was roosting in a hole in a mountain heap.
Location: Satpura Biosphere Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX100 IS

Description: This is a macro shot of a mountain dragonfly perched on a branch. You would be able to see all its distinct parts: head, thorax, abdomen which is why it is called an insect. Also note the delicate pattern of nets embossed on the wings, and the thin filamentous hair on the legs.
Location: Satpura Biosphere Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX100 IS

Organism:Garden Lizard
Description: This is an intimate macro shot of a colour changing garden lizard. Reptiles such as these lizards have been on earth since millions of years, even before humans set their foot on the planet. They are truly, the successful survivors from our ancient past. 
Location: Satpura Biosphere Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX100 IS

4. My film, "Sariska: A Reserve Reborn", depicting the saga of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, which captured the behavior and intimate details of the lives of relocated tigers for the very first time in the world was well received and appreciated in the CMS Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival.

5. Another film of mine titled, "Tal Chhapar: The Indian Savanna", which portrayed the epic tale of the forgotten Indian grasslands of Tal Chhapar and its endangered inhabitants, the black bucks, one of the most beautiful antelopes in the world, was critically acclaimed and won the national award in the CineYouth National Film Fest, India.

6. My works were the official international selections of the Wildlife Trust of India on the Mother's Day, in their 2013 theme "Moms in the Wild".

7. Have also been making documentary and corporate films for leading MNCs and organizations. Awarded the "World Class Quality Award" in film production by Qualcomm Inc.

8. The Director of Photography at "Bharat Darshan: Exploring the Unexplored", a unique show, currently telecast weekly on DoorDarshan. The show takes the viewers on a journey across the length and the breadth of Incredible India in first person, through the use of specialized subjective camerawork. I am also editing this documentary series. The shows aims to help conserve our rich natural and cultural heritage.

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7. Awarded the 'BEST PUPIL OF THE YEAR' in the Saint Anselm's Pink City school, Jaipur for excellence in academics and extra curricular activities.

8. Institute Academic topper at the National Institute of Technology Jaipur, scoring a C.G.P.A. of 9.8 on a 10 point scale. Also the Chief Student Advisor of the NIT Jaipur Film Club.