Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sariska: A Reserve Reborn is a magical journey to the tiger land

The Sariska National Park in Rajsthan, India, was once famous worldwide for its large population of tigers. However, rampant poaching wiped away every single tiger from this reserve, critically disturbing the jungle ecosystem, and in addition, giving a heavy blow to tourism.

In 2008, Sariska saw the implementaion of the first tiger relocation project in the world, whereby tigers were relocated from Ranthambore national park to Sariska. With the relocation came another hope to people all over the world, that the beautiful jungle might revive. However, in 2010 came another blow when one of the relocated males was poisoned to death. Now, there are 4 tigers, 1 male and 3 females in the reserve.

Sariska: A Reserve Reborn captures the rich biodiversity of the Sariska National Park, portraying the rich bird life, the Golden Jackals, the wild Hare, the Chitals (spotted deer), and most importantly- the King of them all- the Royal Bengal Tiger. The only male tiger in the forest, ST-4 gives the viewers an  enchanting  sight into its everyday life. Its territorial behavior, wherein it is seen scent marking and spraying urine in its territory, is seen. Some extremely rarely seen shots of the tiger blowing away water drops from its face and resting in a mud puddle under the hot summer sun are revealed. The film offers the viewers an insight into the behavior and life of relocated tigers.

Furthermore, the splendid courtship feather display dance of the Indian male Peafowls, flaunting their iridescent feathers is seen, as is the action packed dramatic fight of two young male deer, smashing their antlers against those of their opponent.

Sariska: A Reserve Reborn is the incredible journey to the land of Sariska, rich in its flora and fauna, which also aims at revivng tourism in the reserve, which suffered a heavy blow when all the tigers were exterminated.
This is the story of a reserve, which is magically reborn, when her King returns.


  1. Wow! That shot of tiger shaking away water is incrredible! Also dance of peacocks and fight of deer! Incredible movie!

  2. Save the Tiger!
    Lovely movie!

  3. I liked the tiger's amazing walk in Kalighati territory..keep it up! Very beautiful!


  4. Good one! Beautiful tiger ST-4


  5. NicE....Great!!!!!Beautiful shots! Save the tigers!

  6. Excellent work! Must watch


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