Friday, August 19, 2011

Celebrating photography.....

THE GREAT INDIAN MIGRATION: A Celebration of photography

We all have seen glimpses of the great African migration, with huge herds of Wildebeest crossing the Mara river brimming with hungry crocodiles. Well, the spectacular African scene might make you miss a beat, but the photograph above shows its counterpart, which I call "The Great Indian Migration".

Taken in the Himalayas, we saw this herd of cows returning home from their grazing grounds on the other side of a furious Baspa river. The entire herd crossed the river on a fragile wooden plank resting on two wooden logs. Imagine the weight of 7 cows on such a bridge crossing the river all at the same time. Just a slight vibration in the wrong direction, and you could tell when the crude bridge would fall apart.

One can't expect modern bridges at 10,000 feet, you see. Isn't this migration similar to the African counterpart then? The difference, if any, is that the hungry crocs are played by the furious Baspa, ready to gulp any unfortunate cow.

On another note, this photograph depicts the magic of photography: the extraordinary capability to capture a moment and freeze it for eternity. On this World Photography Day, let me thank my dearest passion, for adding a multitude of colours to my life. How do you plan to celebrate this occasion? Do comment!


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