Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hey friends!
Just created  a NEW PAGE to showcase the Architectural wonders of my Pink City. Be sure to check out the exclusive photographs from unusual angles and viewpoints, and to see the monuments as you have never seen them before!

This page, propagates my appeal to all viewers to help conserve our cultural heritage- our monuments, of which we are all proud of. So lets not litter the monuments with wrappers when we visit them, and stand up against those who spit on the walls or consider the ancient walls as their canvas.

We might be of any country, and a consider ourselves a part of any culture, but it is our very moral duty to preserve our traditions and our monuments for generations to come.

Finally, do drop your comments and feedback! They act as a source of encouragement for every artist, and I am no exception.


Regards and cheers!

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