Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth (H)Our !

The Earth Hour 2013 falls today. It "falls" because although many of us are aware enough to observe a complete electricity switch off from 8:30pm to 9:30pm today, but most of us are overcome with forgetfulness. And that's hazardous. That's threatening. This Earth is ours, this hour is ours!

We're hear on planet Earth for a short while; yet we leave a huge footprint in the course of our everyday living, a footprint that's so enormous it affects all living and non living systems on Our Earth. Yet this One Hour, we could Initiate a Transformation; a change we promise would save our planet. Save it from the clutches of a future doom. Its Our Earth, after all. 

One Hour for Our Earth is all it takes. Get up, Rise. Switch off the lamps, the TV, the laptop, the phone that's charging, the refrigerator and every other thing that sucks electricity from the Earth's core. The fossil fuels come from Our Earth's lap after all!

Now is the time; Our Earth's here, the Hour's here, so why wait? We love you, Earth (H)Our!

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